Am I Crazy?

Am I Crazy?

Lately, I can’t seem to remember what I’ve done or what I have to do.

I feel so jumpy – it seems the least little thing will set me off.

My job (home life) is so stressful; I hate the thought of going in (home).

People are really starting to annoy me, especially the happy ones.

I wonder what it would be like to not care what anybody thinks.                                                     

How is it possible to switch from happy to mad so fast

After I have a blow up, I feel ashamed of the way I acted.

Food (sleep, alcohol, sex, gambling, going online, etc) seems to be the only thing I look forward to.

I cry a lot about a lot of things.

I’ve been sick a lot lately and don’t seem to have any energy or ambition.

I can’t sleep without medication.

Some days I wish I could run away and hide from the world.

First of all, feeling crazy does not necessarily mean you are crazy.  Have you considered all the crazy things going on in your life lately?  Are you trying to juggle your obligations and please everyone else too?

Since we live in a world with other people, where change is a fact of life, and where things can happen beyond our control – it’s unwise to expect that life will always go the way we want.  We will have happy times and we will have sorrows.  Some things, particularly unexpected events, may affect us in ways we don’t accept or can’t understand. These are the times when we may question ourselves and feel more uncertain about the choices we are making.  A period of disorganization begins; things become more overwhelming and unmanageable.

Symptoms such as sadness, helplessness, anger, panic, irritability, insomnia, negativity, physical ailments, worry, fear, restlessness, and loss of interests may be appropriate to the situation and considered a normal response to an abnormal event.  But, if symptoms persist beyond a period of 2 weeks, occur almost everyday for most of the day, and are interfering with performance on the job, at school, or in every day functioning, it may be time to seek professional help.