Adjustment Issues

What is it?
Some individuals flounder when they encounter events which occur in the average lifespan. Examples are marriage, birth of a baby, divorce, loss of a job, a child leaving home, retirement or the death of a loved one.

Who Does it Affect?
Adults make choices about education, work, hobbies, and life partnerships. If you are thriving, growing, and happy, then your choices have been good ones, which fit you. If you are not satisfied with some aspect of your life, you may wish to give some thought to evaluating where you are in your life.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Bored at work
  • Irritable for no known reason
  • Grieving a loss which seems to take over your life
  • Worrying about things which you can’t control
  • Overwhelmed by daily tasks
  • Dwelling on mistakes you have made
  • Feeling trapped but unable to take action

The demands of work sometimes push people into working so much that they don’t have time for their families. Sometimes, too many responsibilities overwhelm a person’s ability to cope. Sometimes, even planned life events bring unexpected emotional reactions.

Screening and Diagnosis
You are the only one who can determine if you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your life. You may need to come in for a tune-up and life review. Many people make plans in high school for further education, for work, and for relationships. It is just as important, when you reach 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70, to evaluate what you have accomplished and what you have neglected. Sometimes what you may think is a work problem or a marriage problem is really the result of neglecting to take time for yourself, apart from work and family. Are you working toward goals which are important to you?

Treatment for adjustment disorders is a process which invites you to evaluate each aspect of your life. Are you actively working toward goals individually and with your family? Do you have friendships which sustain you through good times and bad? Should you go back to school? Change jobs? Counseling can help by organizing the process, helping you to evaluate your current situation, helping you find out what you are missing, and helping you set future goals.

The demands of work sometimes push people into working so much that they don’t have time for their families.