Who We Help

Mental health therapy at Horizon Therapy Group is offered to individuals, starting at age three on up, as well as couples and families. We are inclusive of any race, gender, or sexual orientation. If a child is under three years of age, therapy would focus on ways the parent or guardian could effectively help the child.

Therapy is offered on an outpatient basis at Horizon Therapy Group. When a client has needs beyond what outpatient therapy can provide, our therapists are trained to differentiate what level of care is needed and make the appropriate referral.

You might think, “My issues are not that big”, “Do I really need to go to a therapist for help?” Everyone has a right to attend therapy whether the issue is big, small, or somewhere in between. Everyone can improve his or her life and relationships.

People come to us for a wide range of reasons. A phone call to Horizon Therapy Group can help you determine whether we offer the right services for you or a loved one.