Men’s First Responder & Military Veteran Therapy Group

What is it?
Ongoing group therapy for active and retired men coping with PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger or unwanted behaviors (ie: drinking) or thoughts (ie: suicidal) resulting from experiences on the job, in the line of duty or from personal life experiences. It is a therapy processing group to work on personal issues and will have a limited educational piece to it. Group members will be asked to contribute by sharing their experiences and what has worked for them to cope when offering support to others (no advice giving). We will be working together on the tough issues that have resulted due to traumatic experiences in the line of duty. This will be an ongoing therapy group with new members joining along the way. Due to the nature of group members’ schedules, days and times of the group may vary to meet the needs of the group members. Confidentiality will be top priority. For more information, contact Therapist Sandy Redshaw, LISW at 712-256-7511.


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Who is Affected?

Each year, about 18% of the U.S. adult population has generalized anxiety (approximately 40 million Americans). Nearly twice as many women are affected than men.